About Marion Ilona Maenner


It is due to  my creative nature and the urge to explore and experience new aspects of life, leading me on a journey from being born in Germany to living in the San Francisco Bay Area today. I have walked in many different shoes from fashion design to traveling to becoming a Certified Naturopath to becoming a mother to creating my art. Life is my inspiration and my teacher. The urge to understand its lessons has led me to explore different philosophies of lifestyle and healing tools - which inspired me to become a  Holistic Health Practitioner. Naturopathy, creating my Art, the practice of QiGong and hosting Mandala Journeys for insight and stress reduction are my passion and my heartbeat - next to my children.

Moving to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2000 with my son 3 years and my daughter 6 month to support my husbands carrier had been a bigger move than I had visioned. Life provided a very different aspect and also left me in a place of 0 value for my own life accomplishments such as being a Naturopath. But I learned quickly that no one can take away who you are and what you know....and while I was filling the void with my other passion, building a foundation for my artistic talents, - www.spiralsandsparkles.com - I found myself coaching and inspiring several clients, friends and families toward better nutritional choices and beyond....


Today, as my kids are independent, I am fulfilling a longstanding vision, giving my  passion and knowledge in Holistic Health a foundation to share and educate people on how and what they can do to improve their well-being. 

As a Integrative Nutrition Health Coach it is my intention to continue to guide many more clients and families toward better choices in food, lifestyle & thoughts. Through my personalized coaching process I wish to encourage and educate my clients to be independently able to implement a more self nurturing daily life. The acquired knowledge and experience through the individualized coaching will give you the opportunity to manifest a life with more energy, better digestion, less pain and better sleep and mood and less weight to carry around.

Life will never seize to throw challenges into our way - this is how we learn and grow. But the stress that our modern times put on us has become so overwhelming that we don’t even realize anymore that we can’t relax and we hardly make time to connect to our real needs. I know how it feels  burning down the candle on both sides - and I know how challenging it can be to pick ourselves up when our body screams 'Stop'.... But I also know what can be done to get back up through self nurturing practices that lead us to more joy and vitality. And this changes everything .....


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