What to expect


I don't offer a fast track to healing and I don't sell fancy mega stuff.

As a Integrative Nutrition Health Coach it is my intention to guide you toward better choices in food, lifestyle & thoughts. Through my personalized coaching process I will encourage and educate you to be independently able to implement a more self nurturing daily life. The acquired knowledge and experience through the individualized coaching will give you the opportunity to manifest a life with more energy, better digestion, less pain and better sleep and mood and less weight to carry around.

We live in a very fast paced time and we are so wound up that we can't even relax while relaxing .

Science research has revealed that 95% of our chronic disease are stress related .....

It doesn't help to put a band aid on the wound when we constantly pull it off through our actions.

I am offering you a grounded approach on researching the underlying cause of the imbalances that you experience. YOUR STORY and your health history are at the base of the detective work we will be doing.

Understanding the dynamics of your story and your emotional energies that influence your daily life are the foot prints from where we can start to understand and than apply the right healing modalities such as Stress reduction techniques, Foods that strengthen you, and Herbs, Teas and supplements to support you.

The approach of Naturopathy is to use natural remedies such as herbs, nutrition, mindful exercising, as well as massage, acupuncture, creativity and other self-nurturing and stress reducing modalities that will help to balance body, mind and soul.

Knowledge is power - and when it comes to your health it is of most importance. Sadly the overload of information out there can be overwhelming and one persons super-food might just not be doing you any good ..... because there is more to it ....

My approach as your health coach is to work together on learning who you are and what you need. From there we can create a plan that fits in your life and pace and so can lead to success.

What is a Health History and why is it needed ?

A Health History is needed to provide  insight as to what has led to your imbalance. It helps to gather information about past and present medical condition and to address and characterize the nature of the symptom(s) or concern(s)). It also includes the past medical , the past surgical history as well as the family and social history,  medications, allergies, and lifestyle.

In my health coaching practice your health history will help us to have a look at the whole picture of your bio-individuality and provide us with hints on the path that has led to what you are experiencing today.