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Hi there

I am Marion your Health Coach

It is my wish to guide you to the place of change toward your independence on leading a more balanced lifestyle and manifesting greater well being.

I hold the German equivalent degree to a Naturopath and have studied traditional culinary and medicinal herbology with Natura Naturans

Over the last 20 years I have guided and inspired friends and families toward nurturing cooking habits, individualized nutrition and better lifestyle choices.

Adding my certificate as a Health Coach for Integrative Nutrition via IIN has been a dream come true as it reflects my believe in how to change our dis-ease managing system to a health-maintaining movement one person at a time.

My intention as your health coach is to enable you to engage in your change toward better well-being . I will provide you with knowledge and support on your path to actively and gradually apply the changes needed for your well-being and balance. My support will be tailored to your specific needs in a way that applying those changes are manageable to integrate into your lifes pace and needs.

Meeting You & Your Story to evaluating what we can do for You

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Sessions can be held via Phone or Zoom


& after the pandemic in person in my Private Praxis in Martinez, CA

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