What is

The Plan?

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"A journey
of a thousand miles begins with
a single step"
(Chinese proverb)

Equipping You

with the right knowledge

and tools

toward manifesting




The Right Food

Gut Health

Reducing Stress

Balancing the Immunsystem

Decrease of Inflammation

Reducing Pain

Creating Emotional Well-Being



What you eat and what you think 

changes everything !!,

Healing is not a one fits all solution - but an individual journey to reconnect with your body, mind and soul. Healing is very personal and takes time - it will not happen over night.

But when you give your body just half a chance it will start creating balance.

As your Health Coach I can help you to connect the dots and give you the right tools, knowledge and support that will lead you to the change you want to feel. I am here to encourage you during your ups and downs on your journey.

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to your




enabling the change that you like to feel !

You are a unique bio-individual being - and to be able to to find balance you will need to embrace this uniqueness - step out of the cookie cutter system and nurture yourself. Only if we can give love and compassion to ourself will we be able to share our love without getting exhausted.

Stones of Meaning

Health is determined by a combination of several aspects in our life that organically built on each other.

Relationships, Carrier, Social Life, Food, Creativity, Spirituality, Mental Attitude, Home Environment,  Financial Well-being, Physical Activity, Physical Health

All of these aspects in our life have an influence on our well-being.

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Looking for the cause of our imbalances can lead us to unexpected places. Scientists claim that the root cause of 95% of our modern chronic diseases is stress. Discovering, addressing and calming the source of our stresses is next to nutrition a major step toward finding our balance.

Wherever you are right now, you can make that shift to resurrect a happy, vibrant and healthy life.

You have an incredible power to change your life once you say yes to you and take the step forward into making the choices that get you to thriving and blossoming.

As Your Health Coach I will support you on your path through education and helping you to find the right direction and the tools that work for you.

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Say "YES"




Round Library

I am a Health Coach for Integrative Nutrition via IIN


I hold a German title as Naturopath.

and studied traditional culinary and medicinal herbology with Natura Naturans


I am a collector of knowledge and self-healing tools - embracing the wisdom and experiences of our ancestors  and combining it with our modern day knowledge and discoveries

My gift is the ability to find the right puzzle pieces and connect them well for your personal needs.

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The goal is to educate you and equip you with  valuable nutritional and lifestyle suggestions. You will get a program that will fit into your life and I will guide you toward lasting changes in habits. The provided knowledge will enable you to independently reclaim ownership over your own health and lifestyle decisions.

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