What to Expect

Creating Your Own Mandala


is a playful journey in which the Mandala becomes the dance floor

for your creativity and a place of inspiration, joy and insight.

Every Mandala we create is a unique dance,

expressing the momentum of our life through form and color.

It is a meditative process, a process of surrendering to your creative being,

revealing the beauty that lies within you

through combining and blending of shape, pattern, form and color

Marion's Mandala Meditation Journeys are designed for everyone, regardless of age, culture or believe and don't require any artistic skills or knowledge of mediums.


Working creative transfers us into an environment where we can quiet our mind. In this state we are able to view and review our thoughts. We  can recognize what it is that really matters in our life. Through changing our perspectives we can rejuvenate, heal our relationships and transform our life. by creating your own Mandala you can letting go of stress of the daily hussl-bussl and playfully engage in revealing your beauty.

We live in a time where even we relax - we can't relax. It is of most importance for our well-being to find a momentum where we can get back to our breath and creative being without worries. We need to relearn how it feels to no worry - but just be and enjoy the momentum.

Science today comes to the conclusion that 95% of our chronic dis-eases have stress as the root cause. When we understand the energetic dynamic of our life's pace - we can understand digestive, immune and heart issues of our time.

Studies of placebos show us how powerful and effective our mind is once we believe something. There are more and more stories of people who were able to heal through affirmations and meditation and a mindful approach to their acting and handling.

Mandala Meditation Journeys can make space for Self-awareness toward Self-care and Self-observation. This will help us to manage the obnoxious roommate in our mind. Just alone changing our inner dialogue has a major impact on our stress level and will ignite the necessary influence toward self-healing. Art Therapy is the new green juice when it comes to stress release and changing perspective.


So let's create some Mandalas !!!

It is the different shapes and patterns built into symmetric connections that make each Mandala unique. Throughout the workshop you will find plenty of material that will inspire you to choose patterns and colors and I will be there to support you in your creative progress. Join the opportunity to find relaxation and insight through the process of creating your own magical circle.

Every single one of us is a unique vibration
in a beautiful symphony of infinite creation

(Gordana Biernat)

Join in for an enriching Mandala Meditation Journey


Find relaxation & inspiration through the process of

creating your own Mandala and

reveal the blossoming sacred geometry of your heart


Nurture yourself and find inner joy and reflection

through the energy that flows throughout your creative process.


Take home your beautiful Mandala and the momentum of joy creating it

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This workshop does NOT require any artistic skills or knowledge of medium

Just bring Your Beautiful Self

and enjoy the process of creating your own Mandala