Making real and lasting changes in your life depends on setting and pursuing meaningful goals. But you don't have to do it alone.

Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching can help !


Changing habits and making the choices that are right for your bio-individualtiy can be challenging on your own.

Personalized Health Coaching will give you the support and encouragement through achievable goals and the developing of a plan that leads to your success.

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So - Let's Talk about YOU

What's on your mind? What do you need ? What can you do ? ...to find your balance ?

Let's figure it out :

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Health is determined by a combination of several aspects in our life that organically built on each other. Relationships, Carrier, Social Life, Food, Creativity, Spirituality, Mental Attitude, Home Environment, Financial Well-being, Physical Activity, Physical Health.... All of these aspects in our life have an influence on our well-being.

Healing is not a one fits all solution - but an individual journey to reconnect with your body, mind and soul. It is very personal and takes time - but when you give your body just half a chance it will start to find its balance.

My intention as your health coach is to enable you to independently engage toward the changes you like to feel. I like to inspire you with knowledge and support on your path to actively and gradually apply what is needed for your well-being and balance. My support will be tailored to your specific needs in a way that applying those changes are manageable to integrate into your lives pace and needs and so will lead to success.

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